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Surveillance Hardware Selection Assistance?

Hi Rob,

My name is Andy Johnson. I hope this finds you well and that you and your family have fared well throughout this Pandemic. First let me start off by saying I really enjoy your YouTube channel and appreciate all the information you put out on it and your website. I've been researching different NAS and POE cameras to build my own surveillance system for my personal home for a while, but I fall down a rabbit hole of research and end up with analysis paralysis and would love to get some feedback from you. I have already purchased (1) Linksys Business LGS318P Switch to provide power to my future POE cameras and (2) TP-Link EAP245 V3 Wireless AC1750's for Wireless Access points (info only if you need to account for watts used by POE ports on switch left over for cameras during your analysis of my situation).

I've been devoting most of my research time over to Synology because they seem to have the best software for surveillance. I’ve been looking at the DVA 3219 because the analytical learning is something that is very desirable to cut down on the false positive alerts the system generates. I have read some reviews that sinology has admitted that there is a flaw in their AI in this system and it does not work as advertised as of now but I’m not sure if that is completely accurate and wanted your thoughts on that. Are there any other Synology models that I should look at that could give me what I want?

Storage Media:
I’ve been looking at the WD Purple 12TB drives but I’m not sure if this is overkill or how many I should buy to give me the footage retainment that I want.

I want the best resolution possible, so I’ve only been looking at 4K 8MP cameras that are H.265 compression compatible. Ideally, I’d like to have (5) outdoor cameras. Two for the back yard, 2 For the front yard, and 1 for the front door with audio. Ideally two of the outdoor cameras would have PTZ capabilities but all have great night vision and have clear visibility up to 50 ft for both day and night. For the front door camera, I haven’t been able to find a quality POE doorbell camera that is affordable that has the features I want. I follow another YouTube channel called “The Hook Up” and he had some POE cameras that he reviewed and recommended the Annke C800: but I’m not sure if that is compatible with the DVA 3219. It’s an ONVIF camera but it appears that if it’s not on Synology’s APL, that the highest compression that it would be compatible with would be 264. Thoughts on that?

Other budgetary needs:

1000ft CAT6a Plenum CMP rated 23AWG cable Estimated cost $300 USD

CAT6a connectors $20 USD

Can you think of anything else that I need to consider for hardware?

Thanks in advance,

Synology DVA3219 is quite an impressive model. It identifies truly unusual motions while filtering out background noise including rain, snow, swaying trees, small animals, or the day/night switch of an IP camera.I wish I had time to put it to test since I have problems with cloud and shadow detection on my DS718+ sometimes. I believe it would do a better job.WD Purple is a recommended option for fir surveillance only solutions. If you plan on using regular NAS functions as well then WD Red or Ironwolf drives will do an equally good job.I have built a list with 4K 8MP cameras here: I would get are cameras with a port for an external mic. You can have a look.

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