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Low Budget Plex Solution?

Hello Robert,

first of all greta thanks to all your videos. I am listening to you since the start of the COVID crisis. Now after all I understand already I am still so overwhelmed by the many options available to start.

Yes, I want to get rid of all my only storage. Currently I have a 4 TB external drive connected to my Xbox. (Actually only using areound 2TB max storage tehre Wink

Then I have a 2 TB external storage for my files including pitures, videos, and audio books.

On top of that I have two TVs. One is HD one is high quality Sony Bravia 4K smart TV.

Now this is what I would like to cover to get things started. I would love to save a much money as possible.

I also know noone works for free, so I would of course buy my stuff over your affiliate links also in the future.

So here is my dream set up.

I would like to store all my pictures and videos with my NAS. Because of what I heard from you and the options to use live pictures, my tendency here is Synology I believe. But as I would also like to autosave all pictures from TWO cell phones onto the NAS (sync like with Google Fotos app) I am not sure if this would be the best fit.

I want to store my collection of audio books. Not sure if this is also supported in PLEX, but sure it is

3. STEAM Games. I watched a video where you said it is possible to store and play all steam titles, I would love to be able to utilize this. But this is not a must if it costs too much.

I want to be able to play on both TVs. The box would be next to one TV and the other can be also connected via HDMI cable.

All files should be accessable through the internet via app of browser

most of my movies will be max HD so I do not think I need too much space. 2-4 TB should be enough

I would like to have a way to upload my files to the drive fast. I once had a NAS drive and the only way was to upload via network wich took FOREVER for so many GB. So by any means, an USB upload would be a great luxury.

I am not looking for any kind of raid if this pushes the price up too high for the cost of less space.

I hope you kind of understand my setup now. This is my first real PLEX NAS so it can be for starters. And small maybe a bit slower. Mostly there will be only one media playing. It is more about centralized and independent (payed storage with Google and Apple for comfort reasons in the past)

Hope you can help.

Many greetings from Berlin, Germany.

The best choice would be TS-251B/TS-251D. These would allow PCIe upgrade to 10GbE which would speed up your large data transfers. It also features HDMI and video transcoding engine. So you can connect directly or stream over the internet.Also, you mentioned the steam library. Having 10GbE would significantly speed up performance.But at the start, you can use it over regular Ethernet and upgrade later on.I hope this helps.

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