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Asustor vs Synology on a budget?

So I am thinking of either getting a 2 or 4 bay drive NAS ( Asustor or Synology) if its 4 bay I might half fill it until I have the cash to get 4 drives.
My needs are:

1. Easy to use UI for me and my colleagues to transfer music session files and film session folders around the states. ( I do music and film production so these files can get big fast, and they live all over the place)

2. Use as a video/photo media server/stream for my TV, and mobile phone

3. Decent protection, quality, and access as I plan to leave this running while I tour and such

4. Not too expensive, hopefully between $200- $450

I also am not too sure what raid does in particular other than having more drives means your data gets corrupted less often?
I just want a simple to use, easy to upgrade NAS(eventually) that can do those above. Since I have a low budget I was leaning towards Asustor 6302 or the Synology DS218
Asustor 6302T is surely a much more powerful NAS. But I would suggest Qnap TS-251B or TS-253Be. These two come with a PCIe slot which will allow you to upgrade it to extra cache, 10G and more. These are crucial things for future-proofing. It is also very easy to use and comes with many apps free of charge.Q-maggie is a perfect photo organising app so as a Video station allowing you to access videos over the internet if need to.I hope this helps.

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