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ugos ugreen photos app

I've been debating a setup for photos and have tested:

- synology photos (which was great but slow couple years back)
- immich (not all the features I want)
- ente (not all the features I want)

Now on paper the ugos seems to have what I want from a photos app, which is basically - smart albums or conditional albums. Like in google photos, a way to make automatic albums and add photos automatically based on face or keyword, etc.

I can't find a demo of ugos, but wanted to know if you've tested it and if it's a viable usable speed and stability.

Love to hear any thoughts or a comparison!!
UGOS Ugreen Photos App: While UGOS looks promising on paper, it’s still in the development process and not yet finished or stable. This means it may not offer the reliability and performance you need at this time. The features like smart albums and automatic tagging are appealing, but its current state might not meet your expectations for usability and stability.

Better Alternatives:

Synology Photos: This app has matured significantly and integrates excellently with Synology NAS. It offers a comprehensive feature set, including facial recognition and smart albums, and has improved in speed and performance over the years.
QNAP Qmaggie: This is another well-developed option that offers smart album features, facial recognition, and a user-friendly interface. It's designed to work seamlessly with QNAP NAS, providing a stable and reliable photo management solution.

Synology Photos: Excellent integration with Synology NAS, advanced features like facial recognition and smart albums, and improved performance.
Qmaggie: Well-integrated with QNAP NAS, offers robust features for organizing and tagging photos, and is stable and reliable.
Immich: Open-source and customizable but lacks some advanced features like automatic tagging and smart albums.
Ente: Focuses on privacy and security, but may not have all the automation features you’re looking for.
UGOS: Promises advanced features but is still in development, making it less reliable and stable currently.

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