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Advice on replacing existing system

I have an existing homemade Unraid server with approximately 135TB spread over 15 disks (plus 2 parity) in a rackmount case. It runs Emby in a docker container and uses hardware transcoding using the i7 CPU. Unfortunately I have to replace this with something that sits on a desk/table and needn't be silent but easy to be in the same room with it. Ideally the new system would just be a new Synology/Qnap-like case which can host Unraid with my existing XFS disks, but that doesn't seem possible. Was thinking about TVS-h1688x but unsure about ease of transitioning to Quts-hero and noise level. Havenl't seen a Synology system which looks promising, though I like SHR-2 and their software more than QNAP. Would appreciate any advice you can provide.
Given your current setup and requirements, transitioning to a more compact and user-friendly solution while retaining the benefits of Unraid and your existing storage can be challenging. Here’s a potential path to achieve your goals with minimal disruption:

QNAP TVS-h1688X:
The QNAP TVS-h1688X is a powerful NAS that supports both QTS and QuTS hero, offering the flexibility and performance you need. Here's why it could be a good fit:

Hardware Transcoding: The Intel Xeon W-1250 CPU is excellent for hardware transcoding, and combined with upgradable RAM, it can handle Emby and other applications smoothly.
Capacity: With 12 bays and the ability to expand, you can easily fit your 135TB of data and leave room for future growth.
Noise Levels: While it’s not silent, the TVS-h1688X is designed to be relatively quiet, especially compared to typical rackmount systems. Ensure it's placed in a well-ventilated area to manage heat and noise effectively.
Transition to QuTS hero: Transitioning to QuTS hero can provide better data integrity with ZFS, though it requires reformatting your drives. If you decide to move away from Unraid, you will need to back up your data before migrating.

Synology do not offer transcoding on NAS above 4 bays.

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