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Terramaster F4-424 Pro

Hi There,
I recently watched your review of Terramaster F4-424Pro on youtube. Also other youtube vidoes where you install TrueNAS or unRAID on older Terramaster systems.
I am a novice, and have the following question.
1. After creating a bootable USB (mini flash) of TrueNAS or unRAID on your PC, when you install the OS on Terramaster. Can you install it on another mini USB connected via the USB ports? instead of on a NVME drive? This mini USB with the OS can then replace the bootable USB and you will have all the drives available (2NVME + 4 HDD). If this is possible, could you do a youtube video of this.
2. Also create a video where in you show all the features of TOS 6, and how it compares with other OS (TrueNAS or unRAID)
3. Features of TRAID vs SHR review also would be welcome.

Look forward to see your reply.

Kind Regards
Thank you for watching the reviews and reaching out with your questions! Let's dive into your queries:

Installing TrueNAS or unRAID on a Mini USB Drive: Yes, it is possible to install TrueNAS or unRAID on a mini USB drive connected to the USB ports of the TerraMaster F4-424 Pro. This method can free up your NVMe and HDD bays for storage purposes. Here’s a brief outline of the process:
Create a bootable USB drive with TrueNAS or unRAID using your PC.
Connect another mini USB drive to the TerraMaster NAS.
Boot the NAS from the initial bootable USB and install the OS onto the second mini USB drive.
Once installed, remove the initial bootable USB and boot from the mini USB drive with the OS.
This setup allows you to use all the internal drive bays for storage.
I will consider making a YouTube video demonstrating this process for better clarity and step-by-step guidance.

Features of TOS 6 Compared with TrueNAS or unRAID: TOS 6 is TerraMaster’s operating system, and it offers a user-friendly interface with features like TRAID, data backup, multimedia services, and app management. Comparing TOS 6 with TrueNAS and unRAID involves looking at their distinct features:
TOS 6: Easy to use, good for beginners, TRAID, multimedia apps, Docker support, snapshot technology.
TrueNAS: ZFS file system, advanced data protection, virtualization, and containerization, suitable for more experienced users.
unRAID: Flexible storage management, Docker and VM support, ideal for users wanting a highly customizable setup.
I’ll work on a detailed video comparing these operating systems and their features to help users make an informed decision.
Traid and SHR is the same thing. But SHR is better developed.

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