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Time to replace 10 Yr old NAS?

Current solution Synology DS713+ (2014) & DX513 (2017) (2 + 5 bay). 1 volume across 4 drives using SHR with tolerance for 2 drive failure. Lots of photographs (large RAW files), personal ripped music, Apple Time Machine backups for 2 Apple Mac computers.
Very little IT skills - I value very highly the "set and forget" / "it just works" nature.
Experience of Synology is excellent - tech support helped me resolve an issue on July 2024 via email, despite devices being 10 yrs old.
System currently working fine, although just about to replace 2 of the 4TB drives and apparently need to "rebuild" the volume, having expended it in error to 5 drives with a recent drive swap.
System has DSM 7.1 and reports up to date, so perhaps is too old to work DSM 7.2.
Any future solution would be expected to work for 10+ yrs.
My son's review of the hardware on offer from Synology makes it look out of date and over priced, although I appreciate DSM software is where the "set and forget" value is. Hlp

Given your requirements and positive experience with Synology, it's understandable that you'd want a solution that continues to offer the "set and forget" reliability you've come to appreciate. Considering the age of your current setup and your desire for a system that will last another 10+ years, an upgrade might indeed be a wise choice.

Recommended Synology Upgrade:
Synology DS923+:
CPU: AMD Ryzen R1600
RAM: 4GB DDR4 ECC (expandable)
Bays: 4
Network: Dual 1GbE ports (with the option to upgrade to 10GbE)
Price: Approximately £600-£700
This model offers a significant performance boost over your DS713+ and includes support for DSM 7.2, ensuring you get the latest features and updates. The DS923+ also provides expansion capabilities, similar to your current setup, but with modern hardware that should serve you well for the next decade.

Performance: The Ryzen R1600 CPU is much more powerful than your current Atom processor, handling tasks like photo management and backups more efficiently.
Future-Proofing: With upgradeable RAM and optional 10GbE networking, this NAS will remain relevant as your storage needs grow.
DSM Software: You retain the familiar and reliable DSM interface, ensuring ease of use and minimal IT skills required.
Alternative Option:
If you prefer a model with more bays for future expansion without additional expansion units:

Synology DS1522+:
CPU: AMD Ryzen R1600
RAM: 8GB DDR4 ECC (expandable)
Bays: 5
Network: Dual 1GbE ports (with the option to upgrade to 10GbE)
Price: Approximately £750-£850
Migration and Setup:
Data Migration: Synology’s Migration Assistant can help transfer data from your old NAS to the new one seamlessly.
Backup Before Upgrade: Ensure all your data is backed up before starting the migration process.

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