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NAS Vidéo


First of all, your articles are super interesting, thank you very much for your help!

After spending quite a bit of time researching, I would like a modern NAS for video data storage and not editing. Why should I do this ?
- There are 5 to 7 of us in the company, and I think that if everyone works directly on the NAS, it's no good.
- I think having a Thunderbolt NAS is good, but I think the whole network also needs to be adapted (computer input, cables, switch) which can be expensive.
- We have 970 Pro disks on our PC, and I prefer to work live and use the NAS as storage.

Do you think my thinking is logical?
What NAS would you recommend for this budget? I'm thinking of 6 bays with IronWolf disks.

Concerning the cache, I can't find the capacity I'd need for a 980 Pro disk, which is hard to find. The objective is to accelerate video files transfert.
Thank you VERY MUCH for your help!
Thank you for reaching out, and I'm glad you find the articles helpful!

Based on your requirements and considerations, here are some tailored recommendations for a NAS suitable for video data storage in your business:

Workload Distribution:

To optimize performance and avoid bottlenecks, it's advisable not to have everyone working directly on the NAS simultaneously.
Thunderbolt Connectivity:

While Thunderbolt NAS can offer high-speed direct connections, it may require additional investments in compatible equipment such as adapters, cables, and switches.
PC Disk Compatibility:

Leveraging your existing 970 Pro disks for live work and using the NAS primarily for storage is a practical approach to maximize your current hardware investments.
NAS Recommendations:
Considering your budget and needs for video storage, here are two suitable options:

Synology DS1821+

Features: A robust 8-bay NAS supporting up to 18TB of storage using IronWolf disks.
Performance: Powered by a powerful AMD Ryzen processor with expandable RAM options (up to 32GB), ensuring reliable performance for file storage and access.
Connectivity: Includes two 1GbE ports with the flexibility to upgrade to 10GbE for faster network speeds, ideal for handling large video files.
Expansion Options: Supports NVMe SSD caching to accelerate data transfer speeds, enhancing overall performance.
Synology DS1522+

Features: A versatile 5-bay NAS offering up to 20TB storage capacity with IronWolf disks.
Performance: Equipped with a quad-core AMD Ryzen processor and expandable RAM, suitable for simultaneous access by multiple users.
Connectivity: Features native support for 10GbE upgrades, ensuring seamless integration into your network infrastructure for enhanced data transfer speeds.
Storage Optimization: Includes NVMe SSD caching capabilities, optimizing performance for accessing and managing video files efficiently.
Both the Synology DS1821+ and DS1522+ are excellent choices, offering robust solutions for video data storage with scalability and performance enhancements through NVMe caching and 10GbE upgrades. Consider your specific workflow requirements and future expansion plans when making your decision.

If you have further questions or need additional details about these options, feel free to reach out. I'm here to assist you in selecting the best NAS to meet your business's video storage needs effectively.

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