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Synology Active Backup for Business

Hi there,
I am struggling with a bare metal recover of a Surface Pro 9.
The Boot USB open on a Synology screen but I cannot press next because the touch screen and mice pad do not work.
I also get a message saying that the network driver is missing.
Is this a frequent issue and if so do you know the way around?
Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Touchscreen and Mousepad not working:

This is a known issue with some Surface devices during the Synology Active Backup for Business recovery process.
Unfortunately, the touchscreen and built-in trackpad might not be supported by the recovery environment.

USB Keyboard and Mouse: Try connecting a USB keyboard and mouse to the Surface Pro 9. This should allow you to navigate the recovery menus and proceed with the restore.
External Network Adapter: The missing network driver message might be related to the Surface's built-in network card not being recognized. Consider connecting an external USB network adapter during the recovery process. This could provide a network connection and potentially download any missing drivers.
Additional Tips:

Check Synology Forums: Search the Synology community forums for specific discussions related to Surface Pro recovery with Active Backup for Business. You might find solutions or workarounds shared by other users.
Synology Support: If the above suggestions don't work, consider contacting Synology support directly. They might have additional resources or troubleshooting steps for your specific scenario.

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