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Which has to buy

I would like to know what is the best NAS for me. I have seen your videos and read articles and I’m currently thinking of buying Synology 923+ or UGREEN4800 plus. (I’m thinking about 4bay and but 2 hard drive now and as my data grows I can add more)
What I need is:
1. system to access files from my phone.
2. Watching movies and series (7TB is all movies and series)
3. Photo cloud storage private for all users (starting with 4 users and may expand) with ability to do all features of Apple photos and google photos.
4. Privacy since all documents are private.
5. Prefer to have a backup up (read about RAID but didn’t understand it yet)
Considering your requirements and preferences, the Synology DS423+ would be a suitable choice for your home NAS setup. Here’s how it aligns with your needs:

Synology DS423+ Overview
1. Storage Capacity and Expandability:

The DS423+ is a 4-bay NAS, allowing you to start with 2 hard drives and expand as your data grows. It supports various RAID levels (such as RAID 1 for data mirroring and RAID 5 for a balance of performance and redundancy), ensuring data protection and flexibility in storage management.
2. Mobile Access:

Synology offers mobile apps (DS File, DS Video, DS Photo, etc.) that enable seamless access to your files, movies, and photos from your phone or tablet. This makes it convenient for media streaming and accessing documents on the go.
3. Media Streaming:

DS Video app supports streaming movies and series directly from the NAS to your devices, providing a smooth media consumption experience.
4. Private Photo Cloud Storage:

Synology NAS supports robust photo management solutions like "Moments," offering features comparable to Apple Photos and Google Photos. You can store and organize your photos privately with options for facial recognition, AI tagging, and more.
5. Privacy and Security:

Synology emphasizes privacy and security with features such as encrypted storage, user access controls, and secure remote access via HTTPS and VPN. Your private documents and media remain protected against unauthorized access.
6. Backup Solutions:

The DS423+ supports comprehensive backup solutions, including scheduled backups to external drives, other NAS devices, or cloud services. RAID configurations provide redundancy to safeguard against drive failures.
7. Ease of Use and Upgrades:

Synology's DSM (DiskStation Manager) is intuitive and user-friendly, offering a range of applications and packages for customization and enhancing NAS capabilities. Regular updates ensure your NAS stays secure and up-to-date.

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