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Hi My name is Amin, I am wondering if you can advise me on a few thing on the 12 bay Asustor flash nas Features I have been going through some videos of yours which have quite formative and very helpful thank you for those videos.

I have been going through the videos and I am trying to figure out how do I repair a degraded/ faulty SSD. As for Synology you required to repair a faulty/degraded drive manually by actioning it. I am wandering would this be the same for the Asustor flash Nas. can you please make a video on this for me we'll be much appreciate it or provide me a with a step by step instructions that would be great also thank you

Secondly I wondering if I purchased 2 Asus flash store nas The first one would be used as a primary use and the second one as the backup. I am wondering if my primary Nas get damaged therefore I would be required to replace it for a third one can you explain how i can restore the file from the backup nas and use my new nas as my primary nas as
Certainly! Repairing a degraded or faulty SSD on your Asustor Flash NAS involves a straightforward process similar to replacing a hard drive. Simply power down your NAS, replace the faulty SSD with a new one, and allow the system to rebuild the RAID array automatically. For more detailed guidance, you can follow step-by-step instructions that outline this process clearly.

Regarding backups, while Asustor's backup capabilities may not be as extensive as Synology's, you can use tools like rsync to back up specific folders to your secondary NAS. In the event your primary NAS needs replacement, you would set up the new NAS with the same configuration and then copy your backed-up data back onto it. This approach ensures your personal photos, videos, and documents are securely transferred to your new device.

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