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Orico 4 bay

I moved from WD External HD to a Synology NAS. I now have 2 8TB and 2 6TB of external hard drives available to us as back up for my NAS. I can "shuck" the drives and possibly use a Orico 4 bay and plug it in to another network computer. Or should I consider one of the NAS case builds like Jonsbo/ Here's my first idea:
Congratulations on transitioning to a Synology NAS! It sounds like you're making great strides in your setup.

Regarding your idea of using the Orico 4-bay docking station for your shucked drives, connecting them via USB to another network computer is indeed possible. However, it's important to note that without a NAS enclosure or specific RAID configuration, these drives will likely appear as individual disks accessible over the network. This setup won't support RAID configurations natively.

If you're interested in setting up a RAID array with these drives, you might want to consider using a solution like Unraid. Unraid can effectively merge these individual drives into a RAID setup, providing redundancy and potentially increasing storage capacity depending on your configuration.

Using Unraid could be a viable option if you're looking to consolidate these drives into a more cohesive and protected storage solution. It's flexible and relatively straightforward for managing mixed drive sizes and types.

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