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Home/Small buisness NAS

Hi guys,
I've watched a heap of your videos and being a bit a tech geek, I get what you're saying on each video but after watching multiple videos, I'm still asking myself which NAS I need (regardless of NAS company).
I'm more than capable of building my own NAS but I'm time poor. I was after an all in one solution for my needs. Small business backup, kids photos backup, Raid redundincies, software capable (cloud photos, file access, plex for media room etc).

With your knowledge of NAS systems, I was hoping you would have a video on this type of system as I thought it would suit most home/small business users.

I don't care which company that it comes from, what i'm after is....... This is what you need to buy in 2024 to cover what you need .
Do I need 10Gbps for small business back up and possibly streaming media (possibly transcoding), can I get away with 1Gbps for what I require.
I'm happy to spend a reasonal amount of money but i'm not spending 2.5K on a NAS for home


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