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Buying an older NAS

I am shopping for a NAS and I found a used Synology DS415+ on a bidding site. All I need is to back up files and pictures to migrate away from iCloud. Should this function temporarily while I save up for a newer Synology?
For your needs of backing up files and pictures as a temporary solution to migrate away from iCloud, the Synology DS415+ could be a viable option, especially at $200 for 16TB of storage. While it's an older model, it still supports Synology's DiskStation Manager (DSM) software, which is robust for basic file backups and management tasks.

Just be aware that older models like the DS415+ may have limitations compared to newer models in terms of processing power, speed, and compatibility with the latest DSM updates and features. However, for a temporary backup solution while you save up for a newer Synology NAS, it should function adequately.

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