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QNAP TS-1232XU with 32GB RAM


I own a QNAP TS-1232XU NAS and according to the specification the maximum specification says 16GB RAM. The NAS has one slot and uses a DDR4 2400MHz PC4-19200 UDIMM 1.2V 288-pin.

I have seen youtube videos were you have done upgrades to QNAP NAS and would like to know if you believe it is possible to upgrade a TS-1232XU to 32GB RAM and what memory module manufacturers that could work?

Upgrading the RAM in your QNAP TS-1232XU NAS to 32GB is indeed feasible, although it's important to note that QNAP officially specifies a maximum supported RAM of 16GB. However, users have reported successful upgrades to 32GB in some QNAP NAS models, including similar units.

To perform the upgrade, you'll need to ensure compatibility with the NAS's specifications. The TS-1232XU uses DDR4 2400MHz PC4-19200 UDIMM 1.2V 288-pin memory modules. Here's a general guide for the upgrade process:

Verify Compatibility: Before purchasing any RAM modules, double-check the compatibility with your NAS model. Ensure that the modules meet the required specifications mentioned above.

Selecting RAM Modules: Look for reputable memory module manufacturers known for their compatibility with QNAP NAS systems. Crucial, Kingston, Corsair, and G.SKILL are among the trusted brands frequently used for NAS upgrades.

Installation Process: Open the NAS chassis according to the manufacturer's instructions to access the RAM slot. Insert the new RAM module into the available slot, making sure it is properly seated and secured.

Power On and Test: After installing the new RAM, power on the NAS and monitor its startup process. The system should recognize the upgraded RAM capacity during boot-up. You can also check the NAS's system information or web interface to verify the detected RAM size.

Stability Testing: Run stability tests and performance checks to ensure that the NAS operates smoothly with the upgraded RAM. Monitor for any signs of instability or compatibility issues.

While upgrading the RAM can enhance the performance and multitasking capabilities of your NAS, please be aware that modifying hardware components may void the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Proceed with the upgrade at your own discretion and consider any warranty implications.

Regarding the warranty, my units warranty has expired, so it's not a problem.

There should be quite a few who own a QNAP TS-*32XU NAS and there should be an interest in upgrading from the maximum 16GB UDIMM (according to QNAP's spec) to 32GB which should work with the 64-bit "AnnapurnaLabs Alpine AL324 ARMĀ® Cortex-A57 quad-core 1.7 GHz processor".

Are any of these DDR4 variants better or worse (bold = requirement from specification):
  • 2400MHz PC4-19200 versus 2666MHz PC4-21300
  • Single Ranked (1Rx8 faster) versus Dual Ranked (2Rx8) - bit-width x8 is far superior to x4
  • ECC (Error-Correcting) versus non-ECC (non-Error-Correcting)
  • UDIMM (Unbuffered) versus RDIMM (Registered)
  • Single-sided (RAM soldered to one side) versus Dual-sided (RAM soldered to both sides)

Have been looking around for single-channel memory modules with the specification 1x32GB DDR4 2400MHz PC4-19200 UDIMM 1.2V 288-pin but cannot find one with this exact specification from manufacturers Crucial, Kingston, Corsair or G.SKILL.

  1. It is hard to find anything slower than 2666MHz PC4-21300, is that doable, will it work?
  2. All I have seen seems to be 2Rx8, I assume that is fine?
  3. ECC or non-ECC, does this matter, should I choose one over the other?
  4. It should not matter if it is a single- or double-sided module, can you confirm?
  5. Could you please help and advice where to find a UDIMM memory module that could work?


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