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Setting up Jelly fin collections

I am trying to set up collections of movies or TV shows that have seasons or episodes. For example, I am trying to organize Jessie Stone shows. There are 9 Jessie Stone shows and I would like to see one poster with the episodes displayed after I click on it. I read the Jellyfin help documents, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Can you help?

Setting up collections in Jellyfin to organize your movies or TV shows can help you manage your media library more efficiently. Here's a step-by-step guide to organizing collections, specifically for your Jessie Stone shows:

Access Jellyfin Dashboard: Log in to your Jellyfin server and navigate to the Dashboard.

Navigate to Library: From the Dashboard, go to the "Library" section where you manage your media.

Select TV Shows or Movies: Depending on whether Jessie Stone shows are categorized as TV shows or movies in your library, select the appropriate category.

Find Jessie Stone Content: Locate the Jessie Stone shows in your library. If they are individual episodes under a TV show, find the TV show entry for Jessie Stone. If they are standalone movies, locate each movie.

Create Collection: Once you've found the Jessie Stone content, look for an option to create a collection or add items to a collection. In Jellyfin, this is typically done by selecting the content and choosing the "Add to Collection" option.

Name the Collection: Give your collection a name, such as "Jessie Stone Collection."

Arrange Content: After creating the collection, you may need to arrange the content within it. If it's a TV show collection, Jellyfin should automatically group the episodes together under the main collection entry. For movies, you can manually reorder them if necessary.

View the Collection: Once the collection is set up, go back to your library or home screen, and you should see the Jessie Stone Collection listed. Clicking on it should display a single poster with all the episodes or movies grouped together.

If you're experiencing difficulties with these steps, double-check that you're using the latest version of Jellyfin and consult the Jellyfin community forums or support documentation for further assistance.

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