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DS1522+ much louder than DS1019+ with same HDDs

Hello everyone, I just finished migrating my NAS from a DS1019+ to a DS1522+ because I needed the ability to upgrade to 10 Gbit/s. The migration was smooth as butter: I took out the HDDs from the old NAS and inserted them in the new device in the same order and after powering on the DS1522+, I was greeted with the option to migrate the data and settings. Only thing left to do was to re-authenticate CloudSync with my Google account and to re-setup QuickConnect. Amazing how easy this went for a rather simple setup without too many apps. The new NAS seems snappy and since I don't need video transcoding, I don't mind the lack of an integrated GPU with hardware encoding capabilities for videos.

Now to the downside. I have 3x Seagate Exos X18 with 18 TB and 2x Seagate IronWolf with 6 TB that I yet have to upgrade. Before purchasing the Exos due to lack of space, I had 3x WD Red with CMR and 6 TB each. With all drive combinations, the DS1019+ was a bit loud for a home office environment due to a present humming. I swapped the original fans of the DS1019+ with Noctuas and the fans were barely making any noise even at full speed, though I kept them operating in the Cool mode. The humming noise was coming from the HDDs and while that was quite noticeable, the “clicking” noise when accessing data on the HDDs was in the low frequencies and seemed dampened. So it was never an issue really. One thing I learned from YouTube videos is that the humming noise can be reduced by using the fluffy side of Velcro strips in the drive trays. So before I migrated to the new NAS, I added strips inside the NAS where the drives were supposed to be inserted. The HDDs trays sit firmly, but you can still easily slide them in and out, so there isn't too much pressure. However, with the new NAS, while the humming noise is a bit lower (but still very present), the HDD access noise is way louder. To be honest, disk access is so loud that I first thought some drives went bad because I had to power them off for the migration.

Since both NAS enclosures are just about the same, do you have any idea why the drive access noises are so much louder with the DS1522+ compared to the DS1019+? Could it be due to the added Velcro strips? I wanted to avoid tearing them off again if you think it has nothing to do with it.
I think the problem is related to which data is being accessed, since read and write patterns that are identical to the ones I had on the DS1019+ during the past weeks are just as loud. What was very loud was the installation of the DSM.

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