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Flash Nas/DAS

I used to use unraid as a temporary measure. and it helped move things to another storage device. but I started looking more to flash storage more and more because i noticed the greatest cause of noise was from the spinning discs. I've been using an old case as well but at this point. its just too big. I was looking into the flashstor but since ive heard there was a gen 2 coming, i was thinking of waiting for that to come out first. either ill like it more or itll help drive down costs on earlier units maybe.
However i dont like being too limited in options. I was wondering if there were any other relatively compact devices that i could also consider. Id like to stick to flash drives so either m.2/nvme or 2.5 in drives would work too.
Considering your interest in compact flash storage solutions, I recommend looking into the Asustor Flashtor series or the QNAP FS models. The Asustor Flashtor offers excellent performance and reliability, utilizing flash drives such as M.2/NVMe or 2.5-inch drives. Alternatively, the QNAP FS series provides compact and efficient NAS/DAS solutions suitable for your needs. Additionally, you might want to explore the QNAP 74 series, which supports Thunderbolt upgrades, offering versatility and high-speed connectivity options. These options should align well with your desire for compact and efficient flash storage solutions.

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