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I need help choosing the right one.

I was thinking of a 4 bay nas for storing and editing photos via Lightroom and Photoshop. Today I have 20 TB of photos divided into 5 external disks and backup to the cloud. Works with a Mac Book Pro M1 with 1TB of SSD and 16GB of memory. This feels insecure and slow the way I work now, what about connecting via Thunderbolt? Do you have any good suggestions, preferably a budget and a standard cost, incl. HD?
For your needs of storing and editing photos via Lightroom and Photoshop, moving from multiple external drives to a NAS is a great idea. Given your budget of $1500 and the requirement for 25TB, the Synology DS923+ is an excellent option. It offers robust performance with an AMD Ryzen R1600 CPU and 4GB DDR4 ECC, which can be expanded. This NAS can also handle potential future needs with the option for a 10GbE upgrade, ensuring faster data access and transfer speeds, crucial for photo editing workflows. For Thunderbolt connectivity, consider the QNAP TVS-h674, which supports a Thunderbolt expansion card, offering even higher transfer speeds and a seamless connection with your MacBook Pro. Both these NAS devices are well-suited for your current and future needs, providing reliability, scalability, and the performance needed for intensive photo editing tasks.

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