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Plex Media Server

Hi, I hope you're well.

After some advice on the best NAS (preferably Synology as I believe they have the best / most user-friendly software) to use predominantly as a Plex Media Server but also to store general files and music.

I don't want to go crazy with the budget and would like to future-proof as much as possible.

I'm thinking something along the lines of a 2-4-bay NAS with around 16TB.

Most files I have are H.264 @ 15-30 Mbps bit rate.
I do have the odd H.265 HEVC file @ 15-30 Mbps bit rate that will need transcoding

I've been looking mainly at the DS224+, DS723+ and DS923+ but I'm not sure which route to go down. There may even be a better option I am not looking at.

Let me know if you need any more info.

Hope you're doing great! For a Plex Media Server with future-proofing in mind, Synology is indeed a solid choice, known for its user-friendly software. Considering your requirements, the DS423+ seems like the ideal fit from the ones you mentioned. It supports transcoding, crucial for handling those H.265 HEVC files, ensuring smooth playback. Plus, with 4 bays, it offers ample storage expansion potential down the line, accommodating your growing media library without breaking a sweat. While the DS224+ and DS723+ are excellent for local streaming, they lack transcoding capabilities, which might be a bottleneck for your needs. So, for a hassle-free Plex experience with room to grow, the DS423+ ticks all the right boxes.

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