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NAS for home network - Movies (PLEX)

I want to use makemkv on all of my bluray movies (approx. 550)
I want them on a NAS and only for homeuse - in house.
The file format must 1 to 1, meaning that the quality must be like I playing the original bluray.

The TV´s are smart TV - therefore i hope to play the file directly from the NAS via homenetwork (cabled)

I suppose i will need a 4-bay Synology. But i do not believe i will need a +model?
I have been offered af DS420J for about 100£ without discs - is that sufficient enough? There´s only 1gb ram

Or what will you recommend. (budget is "so so&quotWink
I have no trouble in bying secondhand.

For your movie collection, especially with the desire for high-quality playback akin to the original Blu-rays, the Synology DS420J could work, but its 1GB of RAM might limit performance, especially with larger files. Considering your budget and future needs, I'd recommend looking into the DS423+. It offers a balance of affordability and performance, with its 2GB of RAM providing smoother operation, particularly for streaming media to multiple devices. Plus, its 4-bay design allows for ample storage expansion as your collection grows. It's a solid investment that should serve you well for years to come. Cheers!

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