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QNAP TS-453D upgrades

I have 2 questions around upgrading/expanding my QNAP TS-453D
- I was looking for a 10gb/2x SSD upgrade card. I couldn't figure out from the qnap site what my best option was.
- My existing storage in it is getting full. I'm considering buying larger drives for the nas and moving the existing drives into an external DAS enclosure to use for backups. What would be my options or should I rather buy a new NAS + drives and use the old one for backup instead.
Considering your questions about upgrading your QNAP TS-453D, it seems like you're exploring ways to enhance its performance and storage capacity. Here are some insights to guide you:

10GbE Expansion: Since the TS-453D is an older NAS model, adding a 10GbE expansion card could provide a significant speed boost, potentially increasing transfer speeds to 300-400MB/s. This upgrade can notably improve network performance, especially for bandwidth-intensive tasks like large file transfers or media streaming. To check for compatibility and explore available options, you can refer to QNAP's compatibility list here.

Drive Upgrade: Upgrading the drives in your NAS is another consideration for expanding storage capacity and improving performance. Switching to higher-capacity drives can accommodate your growing storage needs and enhance overall system responsiveness. Additionally, upgrading to SSDs can further boost performance, particularly in terms of read/write speeds and data access times.

New NAS vs. Backup NAS: While upgrading the TS-453D with 10GbE and larger drives can improve its performance and storage capacity, it's worth considering whether investing in a new NAS would offer better long-term benefits. Setting up a new NAS with modern features and higher scalability could future-proof your storage solution and provide enhanced performance and functionality. Then, repurposing the TS-453D as a backup NAS would ensure data redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities, offering a comprehensive storage setup.[type]=expansion_card

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