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NVR1218 Surveillance NAS

Hey there Thank you so much for giving me advice. Bought my first NAS. DS220j I just learned about network storage and I wish I knew about it sooner. I found that I can stream my PTZ cam to this box. It works so good. Ok here is my question
I found a Synology NVR1218 Surveillance station and can get it for about 100.00.
What would be the benefits of buying the NVR1218?
Is there any difference besides the surveilance software?
thank you for you time
Great to hear you're enjoying your DS220j! Regarding the Synology NVR1218 Surveillance Station, it could offer several benefits for your surveillance setup. Firstly, the NVR1218 is specifically designed for surveillance tasks, so it may provide better performance and compatibility with IP cameras compared to using your DS220j for surveillance purposes. Additionally, the NVR1218 comes with surveillance-specific features and optimizations, such as support for more camera licenses out of the box and advanced surveillance management tools. Investing in the NVR1218 could enhance the reliability and efficiency of your surveillance system, ensuring smoother operation and better security monitoring. However, if you're satisfied with the surveillance capabilities of your DS220j and don't require additional surveillance-specific features, sticking with your current setup may suffice.

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