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NVME advice for Qnap ts464

Thinking about getting the qnap ts464 with 4 8tb HDD. In terms of the SSD slots, what would be recommended. Should I get 2 1tb cards or 2 500gb cards. I would most likely use them as cache or q-tier as opposed to another storage pool
For the QNAP TS-464, considering your usage as cache or Q-tier, it's essential to balance capacity and performance. Opting for two 1TB NVMe SSDs would provide more cache capacity, which could improve overall performance, especially if you're handling large files or multiple concurrent accesses. However, if you prioritize cost-effectiveness and don't anticipate needing as much cache space, two 500GB NVMe SSDs could suffice, offering a balance between performance and budget. Ultimately, your choice should align with your specific workload and performance requirements.

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