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Software comparison between synology and rivals

I’m planning to get my first nas for uploading picture from iPhones, backing up PCs and I want to dabble in a plex media server or Minecraft server for my kids. Most seem to love synology software, and I keep looking at other prebuilt nas’s but I’m worried the software is too far behind synology. I really like the idea of more ram for the use of application like Minecraft servers or plex. I’ve been looking at $500 for the nas and $500 for hard drives and ram/cache upgrades.
For your NAS needs, considering models like the DS423+ or TS-464 would be ideal given your budget and requirements. Synology's DS423+ offers robust performance and versatility, making it suitable for tasks like uploading pictures, PC backups, and hosting multimedia servers such as Plex or Minecraft. With its quad-core Intel Celeron processor and ample RAM, this NAS can handle simultaneous tasks effectively. Similarly, the TS-464 from QNAP provides comparable features and performance, ensuring smooth operation of various applications. Both models allow for RAM and cache upgrades, which can further enhance their capabilities for running multimedia servers efficiently. Overall, opting for either the DS423+ or TS-464 ensures a reliable and feature-rich NAS experience, backed by reputable software and hardware support from Synology and QNAP respectively.

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