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NAS for PLEX + Cloud File Storage


This NAS would mainly be used as a PLEX server, but also a "cloud" storage for my computer(s). My plan is one with at least 4 bays and use 2 with larger capacity HDDs so I have enough space (with redundancy) for now, but also have the option to fill the other bays as I need more space. (Or is it better to use more bays with smaller drives?)

The PLEX server would be accessed from 3–7 homes (big family) and kept in a home with 250 Mbps internet speed. (Upgradable to 1 Gb., if needed.) To my understanding of transcoding, that shouldn't be an issue as all the media files I have should be compatible with the devices playing them.

Because it would not strictly be a PLEX server I was looking at Seagate Ironwolf Pro drives? (I'd ideally want SSDs, but they're so expensive! Maybe in 10 years…)

I have done a lot of research, but am a complete novice. That's why I'm deferring to the experts!

Thank you!
For your requirements, both the Synology DS423+ and the QNAP TS-464 offer robust features for a PLEX server and cloud storage. However, if you're considering future-proofing with GPU acceleration for 4K transcoding, the QNAP TS-h674 stands out. This model supports GPU cards, providing the extra horsepower needed for demanding transcoding tasks. With 20-30 TB of initial storage space and the option to expand in the future, you'll have ample room for media files and other data. The TS-h674 also supports SSD caching for enhanced performance and features 2.5GbE connectivity for smooth remote access to your PLEX server. Overall, the TS-h674 strikes a balance between performance, storage capacity, and future-proofing, making it an ideal solution for your needs.

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