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Synology DS1522+

I love all your videos by the way, I have watched all of your Synology DS1522+ videos and my head is spinning :-)

I'm a photographer and am considering the Synology DS1522+, I have a 10Gig network and want to max out the NAS, i.e. cache, ram, etc... to make sure I have all my work and photos backed up. Until now all I've use has been DAS and I have several 2 and 4 bay.

I also want to create a VM that is an exact copy of my current system, is that possible. This way, if my system ever fails, I can log into the VM and continue to work while I replace the hardware (bare metal restore) to later download the VM copy to the new hardware, is this possible?

I also want to secure it to prevent any kind of ransomware, currently I have 3 VLAN's in my network, this way my systems have a good level of protection.

Anyway, I've talked enough, can you help me with all this and what is your consultation fee? Thank you and wish you a great day.


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