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UPS Advice


After doing a lot of reading of your site I've decided to purchase my first NAS (DS1522+) but I'm not sure which UPS I should purchase to protect it. I don't plan to plug any other devices into the UPS so ideally want the cheapest possible option that will do the job - and perhaps has a replaceable battery. For the moment, the NAS will only have 2x 12tb Seagate Ironwolf drives installed but I want to have enough headroom for all 5 bays to be used eventually.

I'd greatly appreciate your advice!


Congratulations on your decision to purchase your first NAS, the DS1522+! It's an excellent choice for your storage needs. Regarding the UPS, since you're looking for a budget-friendly option that can handle your NAS without additional devices, I'd recommend considering the APC Back-UPS ES 700VA. This UPS provides ample protection for your NAS and allows for the addition of other devices if needed in the future. It also features a replaceable battery, which is a convenient feature for long-term use. With its capacity, it should provide sufficient headroom for your NAS, even with all five bays eventually filled. This UPS strikes a good balance between affordability and functionality, making it an ideal choice for your setup.

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