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I asked this in the fb group with no response so maybe you can help me. I’m kinda stuck trying to figure this out.

Doing hyper backup to another nas running hyper backup vault. The process is a success and everything seems to transfer over, so that’s great.

However when I try to use the integrity check, within about 30-45 minutes or so, it will get to 60% and then just hand there. I’ve left it for days and it just kinda locks up and doesn’t let me do anything else, like it’s just froze up, the only way to unfreeze it is to remove it from the ups and power it down.

I’ve tried to do this twice with the same result. Any idea?
Hey there,

Sorry to hear about the trouble with your Hyper Backup integrity check. It sounds frustrating that it gets stuck at 60%. While I couldn't find anyone mentioning this specific issue in the Facebook group, I can offer some troubleshooting tips that might help:

1. Check Resource Usage:

During the integrity check, Hyper Backup verifies the transferred data. This can be resource-intensive. Check your NAS's CPU and memory usage while the check is running. If they're maxed out, the process might slow down significantly. Try running the check during off-peak hours when the NAS isn't busy.
2. Adjust Time Limit (if applicable):

Some Synology models allow setting a time limit for integrity checks. If yours has this option, try extending the limit beyond 45 minutes. This might give the check more time to complete.
3. Restart NAS and Retry:

Sometimes a simple restart can clear any temporary glitches. Try restarting both the source and destination NAS before running the integrity check again.
4. Update DSM:

Ensure you're running the latest version of DiskStation Manager (DSM) on both NAS devices. Updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements that might address this issue.
5. Consider Alternative Checks:

While the integrity check is ideal, you can try alternative methods to verify your backup's health.
Browse the Backup Repository: You can usually access the backup files directly on the destination NAS. Browsing the folders and comparing them to the source can give you a basic idea of the data integrity.
Test Restore: Restore a small portion of your data (a single file or folder) from the backup and compare it to the original. This can confirm basic functionality.
If none of these tips work, consider reaching out to Synology Support:

They might have encountered this issue before and have specific solutions. You can find their support options on the Synology website.
Hopefully, these suggestions help you get your Hyper Backup integrity check working smoothly.

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