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Broken DS1515+


First off - thanks for the great videos and advice!

My DS1515+ died and I was looking at the DS1522+ as a replacement, but after watching your video I am worried that perhaps it is not the best fit, and I should maybe try to wait a couple of months to see if there will be a DS1524+ or maybe bump up to a DS1621+. Due to the limitations of the DS1515+, I have not been doing too much transcoding in plex, and just storing a 1080 and 4k version of videos. It would be nice to only have 4k and transcode down when needed.

What are your guy's thoughts? Should I be looking somewhere else?

Also, any advice on what to do with the old DS1515+. It's the blue blinking light. Power supply was checked, resistor has been added, and transistor has been replaced so it must be an unknown motherboard error.

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm glad you've found the videos helpful!

Synology currently only offers the DS423+ with a transcoding chip, and there are no plans to release larger models with this feature. Given your needs, you have a couple of options:

Combine NAS Units: You can use the DS423+ for its transcoding capabilities and combine it with another Synology NAS to expand your storage capacity. This setup allows you to leverage the strengths of both devices.

Consider QNAP: Alternatively, you might look into QNAP NAS models equipped with Celeron or Core i series processors. These models provide robust transcoding capabilities and can handle more intensive tasks, potentially offering a more seamless experience for your Plex server needs.

As for your old DS1515+, since you've already checked the power supply and replaced components without success, it might be best to consider recycling it through Synology or local electronic waste disposal facilities. You could also repurpose it for non-critical storage or testing purposes.

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