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Synoogy 1522+ Link aggregation

I plan to purchase a NAS 1522+ for my home office/Small Business. I found in an old box a 5x1GE switch TL=SG105. The plan was to use it as link aggregator, but it doesn't support that feature. A different model SG105E would support just Static Link Aggregation, but not LACP. Will it work with my new NAS? Or I will be limited to use a Link redundancy/failover functionality?
Exciting times ahead with your Synology 1522+ setup! If your switch doesn't support link aggregation, not all is lost. You can still leverage it for load balancing or implementing multi-channel SMB.

While dynamic protocols like LACP offer advantages, such as automatic failover and load distribution, static link aggregation can still enhance bandwidth and provide redundancy. Additionally, you can configure your setup to utilize multiple network connections concurrently for improved performance.

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