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internet connection

Hi, I'm using my mobile data as a backup internet connection. I read somewhere that I can connect my phone to a usb c to ethernet adapter and use that as my NAS' internet access. I connected my phone to my router and It worked and I saw that it was connected, but for the life of me, don't remember how I saw that. I've been looking through control panel/network but still can't find it. I just need to see if it connected or not to know it's working. Can you please help? My NAS is a DSM1821+ on 7.2.1
This is done using Synology router not a NAS.

To check the status of your mobile data connection via USB tethering on your Synology Router, follow these steps:

Access Synology Router Manager (SRM): Open a web browser on a device connected to your router's network and enter the IP address of your Synology Router in the address bar. Log in with your administrator credentials to access the Synology Router Manager (SRM) interface.

Navigate to Network Center: In the SRM interface, locate and click on "Network Center" or a similar option that allows you to manage network settings.

Check USB Tethering Status: Look for the USB tethering status in the network settings. It might be labeled as "USB Ethernet" or similar. The status column will indicate whether the connection is active or not. If it's connected, you should see an IP address assigned to the USB tethering interface.

View Connection Details: Click on the USB tethering interface to view more details such as IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS servers. This information confirms that your Synology Router is successfully connected to the internet via USB tethering.

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