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I bought the UGREEN nas 4bay + system

I bought the UGREEN nas 4bay +. This will be my first time owning a nas I also heard from someone else that you can maximize the ram and usually as cash What type of M.2 SSD I should get . how big can I get? I seen a lot different reviews. Some go to one gig you can’t go to one gig going to go up to 512 you could even go higher should I get one stick and upgrade It later, or should I get two of the same stick?

I saw some of your videos and you guys saying the software is not that good yet I’m wondering if I should get (true nas )
I am also photographer so I’m planning to store my photos on it I’ve also seen one of your videos about ripping movies and I plan to do that as well. I’ve also seen some other videos and I may do that as well. I know this may be asking a lot, but could you send me the documentation on how to do the automatic ripping I seen some videos but I never use lyrics before I am going to need some help with the lines of Codes
Please help thank you
Congratulations on your purchase of the UGREEN NAS 4-bay+ system! It's exciting to embark on your NAS journey, especially with plans to maximize its potential. When it comes to upgrading the RAM and adding SSD cache, it's essential to choose compatible M.2 SSDs. You can typically install one or two M.2 SSDs for caching purposes. Opt for high-quality SSDs with sufficient endurance and capacity, ideally in the range of 256GB to 512GB each, depending on your budget and requirements.

Regarding RAM upgrades, it's advisable to check the NAS specifications to determine the maximum supported RAM capacity. You can start with one stick and upgrade later if needed, or opt for two identical sticks for optimal performance from the outset.

Considering your plans to use the NAS for storing photos and ripping movies, investing in a NAS with robust software capabilities would be beneficial. While the UGREEN NAS offers hardware features, you may want to explore true NAS solutions with more advanced software functionalities to meet your diverse needs effectively.

When choosing NVMe for caching you need to look at reliability ratings such as DWPD/MTBF. Here are a few on the list
Caching means a lot of read and write operations, unlike regular storage situation.
You would need to look at models with 0.5DWPD and above

970 pro – 0.66DWPD
Seagate FireCuda 510 – 0.7 DWPD
Seagate FireCuda 520 -0.9 DWPD
Seagate IronWolf 525 – 0.7 DWPD
Seagate Firecuda 530 – 0.7 DWPD
Synology SNV3400 – 0.68DWPD
WD Red SN700 – 1.0DWPD

I hope this helps.

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