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10gbe mini itx

I run a home made truenas on a supermicro xeon-d itx mobo with 6 sata ssd's and built in 10gbe

It works but it's quite power hungry compared to the more modern chips and runs quite hot. And while nice I don't really care about the IPMI.

I'm seeing so many nas focussed itx mobo's on your channel and others and it's really bewildering me that they waste all those lanes on 4 x 2.5gbe instead of 1 x 10 gbe (i get it if you're doing vm's but many of these are marketed as nas boards)!

Are you aware of any boards that support ECC, low power chip, on board 10gbe, and mITX?

I know i could stick in a nic but i'd rather use the pcie slot for something else like an HBA.

It sounds like you're in the market for a mITX motherboard that not only supports ECC memory and a low-power chip but also comes with onboard 10GbE connectivity, minimizing the need for additional expansion cards. While many ITX boards focus on multiple 2.5GbE ports, there are indeed options that cater to your specific requirements. One such board that fits the bill is the ASRock Rack E3C246D4U. This mITX motherboard features support for ECC memory, a range of low-power Intel Xeon E-2200 processors, and most importantly, onboard 10GbE LAN. With this board, you can enjoy efficient data transfer speeds without sacrificing precious PCIe slots for additional network cards. It's a great choice for NAS setups where power efficiency and compactness are paramount.

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