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New NAS Questions

Want to replace google drive (with ability to have it download to all computers), google photos (with ability to see/delete duplicates and keep highest quality image), back up 5 computers, 6 smartphones, backup whatsapp, plex server at 1080p and use home assistant with z-wave.
A few questions
what is the best raid setup, im thinking 6?
is ZFS or BTRFS that important?
ARM vs x86?
I was thkinking about the following
QNAP TS-464-8G-US and I would buy an upgraded ram module (and probably buy direct from western digital with 4 8tb drives, it comes to around 1k)
Synology DiskStation DS423+ using SHR.

Other thoughts were
Synology DiskStation DS923+
ugreen nasyn DXP4800 plus
ugreen nasyn DXP6800 pro
terramaster F4-424 regular or pro
Asustor AS504T
Asustor AS6704T
For your extensive needs, opting for a RAID 6 setup would be prudent, offering both redundancy and capacity. While both ZFS and BTRFS are robust file systems, your choice between them might not be crucial for your use case; however, ZFS tends to be favored for its data integrity features. Regarding processor architecture, x86 generally provides better performance and compatibility compared to ARM, which might be advantageous for tasks like Plex transcoding and Home Assistant.

Considering your preferences and requirements, the QNAP TS-464-8G-US with an additional RAM module and WD Red 8TB drives or the Synology DiskStation DS423+ using SHR seem suitable choices. Both offer reliable performance and robust features for your intended usage. Alternatively, you could explore other options like the QNAP TS-453E-8G-US or the Synology DS923+, which also provide ample storage and functionality. Whichever NAS you choose, ensure it meets your specific needs for data backup, media streaming, and home automation. If you're considering other brands, models like the Asustor AS6704T or the TerraMaster F4-424 Pro could also be worth exploring. With a budget of around $1200 including hard drives, you have several excellent options to consider that can effectively fulfill your home and business requirements.

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