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Inquire if i can use Nas DXP8800 as my server in the project of Backup and Data recovery

Hey am John from South Sudan and am having a Backup and Data recovery project, so my question is can i use DXP8800 PLUS NASync as both my data secondary data center and on clouding as well, if so am in need of help on how to buy them.
thank you
Considering your Backup and Data Recovery project, while the DXP8800 PLUS NASync shows promise, it's worth noting that it's a relatively new offering, and the software may not be as polished as more established solutions. However, if you prioritize reliability and customization options, you could consider installing Unraid or TrueNAS on this device. These platforms offer greater flexibility and stability, allowing you to tailor the setup to your specific needs while ensuring reliable performance for your data storage and recovery requirements. To explore this option further and get assistance with installation, I recommend reaching out to experienced professionals or communities specializing in Unraid or TrueNAS setups. They can provide valuable guidance and support to help you achieve your project goals seamlessly.

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