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D-Link DWR-2101 5G router

I just read your review on the D-Link DWR and I am totally sold. However, I can only find two in the US for 2x the cost of the same in the UK. I was just wondering if it's not possible to use it over here. I even went on the D-Link website to see where I could purchase it and when I selected the US for point of sale it gave me nothing. I'd like to just purchase over there through amazon if I can, but I wanted to see if you knew of any issues using it in the US. Furthermore, do you have an amazon store I could purchase through, or if I go through the you tube link does that earn you any sort of commission? Let me know at your earliest convenience what my options may be, if any. Thank you kindly. I very much appreciate your videos, as I am subscribed and "linke" pretty much all the ones you've put out. Thanks again.

Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in the D-Link DWR-2101 5G router! While it's unfortunate that the pricing seems to be higher in the US compared to the UK, you should be able to use the router in the US without any issues. However, it's essential to ensure that the router supports the necessary frequency bands used by US carriers for 5G connectivity. As for purchasing options, it's strange that you couldn't find it on the D-Link website for sale in the US. You could try checking with major retailers like Amazon or Best Buy to see if they have it available for purchase.

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