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terramaster f4-424 - can't boot to nvme?

Hi, I'm following your guide to install proxmox on terramaster f4-424 (appreciate it so much a gave a small donation).

It would not recognize a Evo 970 1TB, but did recognize a Evo 980 1TB. Even though it is recognized in the bios, there seems to be no way to set it to boot from nvme?
Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out! It's awesome that you found the guide helpful.

Regarding your NVMe conundrum, it's peculiar that the Evo 970 isn't being recognized for booting while the Evo 980 is. One thing to check is if your BIOS settings are configured to support NVMe booting. Sometimes, even if the drive is detected in the BIOS, you might need to explicitly enable NVMe booting.

Make sure to explore your BIOS settings for two crucial options:

UEFI Mode: Many modern systems operate on UEFI firmware. If your BIOS is set to Legacy mode, NVMe drives could go unnoticed. Check your BIOS for any options to switch to UEFI mode.
NVMe Boot Enable: Dive into your BIOS settings and scout for options related to boot order or boot mode selection. You might find a specific setting dedicated to enabling NVMe boot.

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