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Hello, so i am music producer for an while now, and my music now for 2-3 laptops, was constantlly getting limited by cpu power, i just desided to get zenbook14 amd version, to finally have enouthg room to make big songs! But i woundered about this nas thing, for example how cude i save all files its about i feel like 300gp+ like my flstudio plugins and banks of presets in to this nas so i cude then eazy acces it on my new laptop i gona get, and maybe later on even newer pc. Is it possible to like set it up so my flstudio just reconise all plugins and presrts inside my nas or whill i have to download everything frome nas first? If u can suggest me cheap, but like good enouthg power nas whit like i think like 3tb would be pleny i feel like even 1 would be enouthg and i seen u can use ssds for cashe tell me in simple worlds is it worth for my problem here? Thank you soo much!Smile
Hey there! It sounds like you're ready to take your music production to the next level with a reliable NAS setup. Considering your need for ample storage and seamless access to your FL Studio files and plugins, I'd recommend the Synology DS223. With its robust Realtek RTD1619B CPU and 2 GB of DDR4 non-ECC RAM, it offers a perfect balance of performance and affordability. You can easily store all your music files, plugins, and presets on its 3TB capacity, ensuring easy access from your new laptop or any future PC. Plus, the DS223 supports SSD caching, enhancing performance for smoother workflow.

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