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10gbe switch or not?

Currently have 1gb virgin internet, Asus ax11000 router with X1 2.5gb port and X1 10gbe port. (2nd router used a 5ghz backhall to serve everything downstairs via wired from it and wireless)

I'm upgrading my nas/server connected wire upstairs that I use for file storage and Plex to a new one with 2x 10gbe ports.

How do I upgrade my network to match? Just wire from the router or do I need a switch? I sometimes work from home on a laptop which I connected wired to the ax how do I get the best speeds between devices?
To match the upgraded network speeds of your new NAS/server with 10GbE ports, you'll want to ensure that your network infrastructure can handle the increased throughput. Since your Asus AX11000 router already has a 10GbE port, you can directly connect one of the 10GbE ports from your new NAS/server to the router for high-speed access. However, if you have multiple devices that need to communicate at 10GbE speeds, investing in a 10GbE switch would be beneficial. This would allow you to connect multiple devices, like your NAS/server and any other devices requiring high-speed connectivity, to the switch and benefit from fast data transfers between them. Additionally, for your laptop that you connect wired to the AX11000 router, you should still experience improved speeds even without a 10GbE connection, as the router's 2.5GbE port should provide faster speeds compared to traditional 1GbE connections.

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