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New & Want media server

I'm very new to this by the way, but i recently just set up jellyfin at home on my 2TB hdd on my gaming PC. I REALLY want a NAS that is able to handle transcoding well enough so that I can plug it in, run jellyfin on it and not worry about needing my PC to be on for me to watch my stuff around the house. I'd love to view 4k movies off of it, but from advice given to me by friends, they say there is no NAS that is able to handle that kind of load on its own. Also am not too sure how much storage I'd need to not worry too much about it again, my initial thought was anything over 10TB?

I'd really appreciate your advice!! What can I buy that suits my needs?
For your requirements, considering your budget and the need for remote access, I recommend the Synology DS920+. This NAS is equipped with a powerful Intel Celeron processor and 4 GB of RAM, allowing it to handle transcoding tasks efficiently. While it may not handle 4K transcoding flawlessly, it can still stream 4K content directly to compatible devices without transcoding, ensuring a smooth viewing experience. With its expandable storage capacity of up to 64 TB, the DS920+ offers ample space for your media library, eliminating concerns about running out of storage. Additionally, Synology's user-friendly interface and extensive app ecosystem, including support for Jellyfin, make it easy to set up and manage your media server. Overall, the DS920+ strikes a balance between performance, affordability, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for your needs.

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