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Video Editing solution

Hi, I would like to buy something which can be use as server some sort. I'm Apple guy so mostly I will use Macbook Pro or Studio as workstation. I use Avid Media Composer and Adobe CC, Nuke etc. My camera can produce 4k raw footage so it should be able to handle those files well. I do not plan to use my "server" for other users exept myself. For me would be perfect solution super fast drive for editing connected to big media storage accesible all the time and some other long archive solution, can be LTO or another big storage. Can you please give me some solution? There is about a lot of products and my brain just can't handle any of new informatoin. I spent monts searching but I don't trust the Internet exept your channel. Thanks for any advice.
I appreciate your trust in our channel for reliable advice on setting up your video editing solution. Based on your requirements, I recommend considering QNAP NAS devices for their robust features and support for LTO tape backup devices.

Here's a tailored recommendation:

Main Workstation: Utilize your MacBook Pro or Studio as the primary editing workstation, equipped with Avid Media Composer and Adobe CC for handling 4K raw footage efficiently.
QNAP NAS Solution: Opt for a QNAP NAS model such as the TVS-h874 or the 88 series, which offer powerful performance, ample storage capacity, and extensive connectivity options. These NAS devices support LTO tape backup devices, ensuring reliable long-term archiving of your completed projects.
Media Storage: Connect your editing workstation to the QNAP NAS using high-speed Ethernet or Thunderbolt connections for seamless access to your media files. Configure the NAS with RAID configurations and SSD caching to enhance performance and data protection during editing.
Long-Term Archive Solution: Incorporate an LTO tape backup device into your QNAP NAS setup for secure and cost-effective archiving of your projects. QNAP NAS systems are compatible with various LTO tape drives, offering flexibility and scalability for your archiving needs.
By integrating QNAP NAS into your video editing workflow, you can enjoy a comprehensive solution that meets your performance, accessibility, and archiving requirements. Be sure to explore our channel for tutorials and guides on setting up and optimizing your QNAP NAS for video editing tasks.

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