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Upgrading from a DS920+

Hi All,

I am comtemplating which NAS to upgrade to from my DS920+.
I am currently stuck between the DS1621+ and the DS1821+.
I also saw the recent YouTube video about the DS423+ and it got me thinking if I should wait for a DS162(x)+ and/or a DS182(x)+ (Not sure if there will be a 24 series this year or not)
My concern with the newer models is that Synology may decide to lock the types of HDD that can used with the newer models.

Functionality wise, I will most likely continue to use the NAS as a VPN, Docker and Media server for the family.

I would like to get your opinions and advice of this matter.
Thank you.
When considering an upgrade from your DS920+, both the DS1621+ and DS1821+ are solid options, each catering to slightly different needs. The DS1621+ boasts robust performance with its AMD Ryzen processor, making it perfect for multitasking and running resource-intensive applications like Docker containers and media servers. On the other hand, the DS1821+ offers more drive bays and potential storage capacity, making it suitable for users with extensive storage needs or those looking for scalability. Regarding HDD compatibility, Synology typically maintains backward compatibility with a wide range of HDDs, but there are scripts available to disable any warnings if needed. Ultimately, assess your current and future storage needs to make the best choice. Cheers!

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