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Review for another China NAS MotherBoard


I was wondering if you could please review the below motherboard from Alibaba:

Seems like a really good motherboard with 8 sata connectors + 3 M.2 & a PCIe_X16 slot.

If possible, please also advise the right CPU for this as I would use my NAS for mostly media storage.
We might make a review if we get a sample from them.
Few things to pay attention to:
Compatibility: It's crucial to ensure compatibility between the motherboard and the intended use case. Can you confirm if this motherboard supports the operating system and software applications you plan to use for your NAS setup?
Reliability and Support: Alibaba listings sometimes lack detailed information about the manufacturer's reputation, warranty, and customer support. Have you been able to gather any insights into the reliability and after-sales support for this motherboard?

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