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First NAS, Want to Media Server and Replace iCloud

Hello, I've been binging your videos and subscribed. I purchased a QNAP TS 264 but cancelled the order as I feel the Celeron N9095 is old and weak now to purchase new.

I would like to be able to perfectly stream HVEC and I notice this CPU struggles a bit with that on QNAP
Regarding your concerns about the QNAP TS 264, it's understandable to prioritize a more robust CPU, especially for smooth HVEC streaming. While the Celeron N9095 may struggle with certain tasks, there are certainly NAS options available with more powerful processors to meet your requirements.

For seamless HVEC streaming and efficient multimedia handling, I would recommend considering NAS models equipped with modern processors, such as Intel Core i5 or i7, or AMD Ryzen processors. These CPUs offer superior performance and transcoding capabilities, ensuring smooth playback of high-quality media files.

Since you're aiming for around 10TB of storage capacity, you have flexibility in choosing a NAS that meets both your storage and processing power needs. Additionally, incorporating features like NVMe caching can further enhance performance, especially for media streaming and file access.

Given your location in Ireland, it's worth exploring local retailers or online stores that offer a variety of NAS options with the specifications you require. Feel free to explore our NAS comparison tool to customize your search further and find the ideal NAS solution for your needs.

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