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Dear Sir/Madam,

The hard drives of my nas are full. I only have 70 gb of storage capacity left. Therefore, I want to buy a new hard drive. This one:

My question:
Its not in the synology recommended compatible list. Is that a problem?
I would like to know:

1. if the drive I want to buy is suitable for my Nas. And

2. if it will work well with the hard drives already in my nas. (see picture)

3. Also, I would like to know if this hard drive is recommended and if not, which drive I would be better off buying without spending too much.

4. Also I would like to know, if this drive I want to buy now is as fast as the hard drives already in my nas or if I would buy a cheaper but slow drive now. After all, that is not the intention.

I would be very happy if you could help me ;-)


Thank you for reaching out regarding your NAS storage upgrade concerns. I appreciate your proactive approach to ensuring compatibility and performance. Allow me to address your inquiries:

Compatibility Assurance: Indeed, SATA drives, even if not listed on Synology's compatibility roster, can still function within your NAS. In most cases, when a non-listed drive is installed, the NAS might generate a warning message indicating the drive is not officially supported. However, this warning doesn't necessarily imply the drive won't work; rather, it's a precautionary notice from Synology. Many users have successfully used drives not on the compatibility list without encountering significant issues.
Functionality with Existing Drives: Introducing a new HDD, like the Seagate ST14000NE0008 14TB, alongside your existing drives is feasible, especially if they share similar specifications such as SATA interface and RPM. While maintaining drive uniformity is ideal for optimal performance, mixing different models can still function within the NAS environment. However, it's essential to monitor system behavior after installation to ensure stability and performance.
Mitigating Warning Messages: If the warning message upon installing a non-listed drive concerns you, there are methods to remove or suppress it. Synology's community forums often provide scripts or user-developed solutions to address such warnings. These scripts typically involve modifying NAS settings or configurations to bypass the compatibility alert. However, it's crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly research any scripts or modifications to avoid unintended consequences.

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