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NAS selection & configuration

Hi guys,

I hope you're well and Ed took that holiday that was long due.

Okay, so we have a small car tuning business and we're in the process of launching a file service, meaning we need to be able to let customers in via a Portal, downloading and uploading files from our server. NAS security is mission critical for this.

File size is around 500kB - 8MB.
We expect 10-50 files per month in the first year (nothing)
We expect 100-200 files per month in the second year (nothing)
We hope 1000 - 3000 files per month from the 3rd year.

Your services
1) We're thinking to get the Synology DS923+ as it's robust and small business focused, however we'd like to rely on your experties to choose the right NAS.
2) We'll need you to configure that NAS, including RAID, caching to SSD, anything that makes it a very secure and robust storage for what we need.
Hey there,

Great choice with the Synology DS923+! It's a solid pick for your small car tuning business's file service needs. While we don't directly handle NAS configuration, we can connect you with excellent service partners who can set it up for you. They'll ensure your NAS is optimized with RAID, SSD caching, and all the necessary security features. Considering your projected file volume increase over the years, the DS923+ should serve you well for at least the next five years. For further discussions, we can hop on a Zoom call or any platform you prefer.

To set it up for your needs, I recommend using Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR). SHR provides flexible storage management with data protection, allowing you to easily expand your storage capacity as your business grows. It's a great option for your evolving file service requirements.

For technical support or troubleshooting in the future, you can reach out to these reliable sources:
And if you're still exploring NAS options or need guidance, check out our NAS finder tool:

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