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Can QNAP DAS Devices be connected to TrueNAS scale?

Can QNAP DAS Devices be connected to TrueNAS scale? DAS Devices like the QNAP TL-D1600S. I currently have 180TB of data but it's in a super power hungry DAS shelf (Netapp DS4246). I'd love to save some money on the power bills by buying one of these DASes insread of the Netapp. Any testing or advise you have done on your own would be helpful. Even if you could make a video if it works or not would be even more helpful!
Yes, you can typically add extra storage to TrueNAS via a USB enclosure, although there are some considerations to keep in mind:

Compatibility: Ensure that the USB enclosure you choose is compatible with TrueNAS. This includes checking if TrueNAS supports the specific USB interface (e.g., USB 3.0, USB 3.1) and the file system used by the storage device.
Performance: USB storage may not offer the same performance as internal drives or network-attached storage (NAS) configurations. Depending on your requirements, this may or may not be a limiting factor.
Reliability: USB connections can be prone to disconnection or data corruption if not properly maintained. Ensure that the USB enclosure and cable connections are secure and reliable to avoid potential data loss.
Mounting and Configuration: Once connected, you'll need to mount the USB storage device within TrueNAS and configure it for use. This typically involves formatting the drive and setting up any necessary permissions or sharing options.
Backup and Redundancy: Consider implementing backup and redundancy strategies for the data stored on the USB device, especially if it contains important or irreplaceable data. TrueNAS offers features such as RAID and ZFS for data protection and redundancy.

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