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update from TS-493 Pro II

Hi, have an old TS-493 Pro II which is running for quite some years now and looking for a followup. Mostly for strorage movies, music and personal datar. I stream from my NAS with a Dune player of VLC running on AndroidTV. Running Raid 5 with 4 3TB drives. Budget is NAS only. Looking for a futurepfoof update. Might add VM and TimeCapsule for my MBPro and some Windows backups. Any help, tips or suggestions are appreciated
Hey there! It sounds like you're ready to upgrade from your TS-493 Pro II to keep up with your expanding storage needs and future plans. Let's find you a suitable upgrade within your budget!

Considering your usage for storing movies, music, personal data, and potential VM and backup usage, you'll want a NAS that offers ample storage capacity, strong performance, and versatile features.

With your budget in mind, I suggest looking into the QNAP TVS-674. This NAS packs a punch with its Intel Core i3 processor, providing robust performance for multimedia streaming, backups, and potential virtualization tasks. With support for up to 6 bays, you'll have plenty of room to expand your storage as needed, ensuring your data remains secure and accessible.

You can continue using RAID 5 for data protection, and with support for large capacity drives, you can easily achieve 20TB+ of storage space. This setup should provide the redundancy and performance you need for your multimedia streaming and data storage.

Additionally, QNAP's intuitive QTS software offers a wide range of apps and features to enhance your NAS experience. You'll have access to tools like Hybrid Backup Sync for comprehensive backups, including Time Machine backups for your MacBook Pro and Windows backups for your PC. Plus, features like Virtualization Station allow you to run virtual machines directly on your NAS for added flexibility.

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