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Noob with buyers remorse

Hello, ive watched most of the videos on this channel and I pulled the trigger on my first ever NAS, it is not due to deliver until 30th April so I can cancel the order today and hopefully tomorrow without penalty.

I was choosing between the Asustor Flashtor 6 and the QNAP TS 264 8G

I pulled the trigger on the QNAP, it is 2 NVME and 2 HDD with N5095 CPU and 8GB RAM. I bought 1 Samsung nvme 970 pro plus 2TB. I had planned to buy another few HDD later once I understand a NAS more.

My future uses are currently unknown as I planned to discover them based on the capabilities or cool things I learn when using my NAS. 

The main driver to look at NAS was iCloud wanting to move me from 2.99 a month to 9.99 for storage. Its just a principle thing, so I want to create my own alternative to iCloud for me and my wife. I am also interested in future to add one or two security cameras to my home without a subscription. I may use it to host a game server in the future for a small handful of people if that is possible. I will also give PLEX a go as currently I push files to apple TV via VLC so I think there might be a better media center than this. 

The main reason I have remorse now is that I just watched the latest video: if the QNAP 464 after 2 years is still good and it sounds like many are moving away from Celeron or Pentium now but the QNAP I bought still has the quad-core Celeron.

The main uses will be personal, and many future uses might be unknown, I'm not very experienced or deep from a technical perspective on networking or storage, etc but I have the curiosity to learn, to a certain level but nothing too extreme.

Ideally, I would like to know if there is a similar priced option out there with a much better CPU
Ideally, I would like as secure and easy to use software as possible that doesn't require deep technical knowledge and be able to at least expose my iCloud alternative (whatever that might be) to the internet for my iphones

Thank in advance
Hey there! It's great to hear that you've taken the plunge into the world of NAS, and congratulations on your purchase! Let's address your concerns and see how we can help.

First off, regarding your choice between the Asustor Flashtor 6 and the QNAP TS-264 8G, both are solid options with their own strengths. The QNAP TS-264 offers a good balance of performance and storage capacity with its N5095 CPU, 8GB RAM, and support for NVMe SSDs and HDDs. It's definitely a versatile choice for your diverse range of needs, including hosting a game server, setting up a media center with Plex, and creating your own iCloud alternative.

Now, regarding your remorse about the quad-core Celeron CPU in the QNAP TS-264, it's understandable to want the latest and greatest hardware. While newer CPUs may offer improved performance, the quad-core Celeron should still handle your current and future tasks well, especially given your level of technical experience. However, if you're looking for a similar-priced option with a more powerful CPU, you might want to consider models with Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or AMD Ryzen processors, though they may come at a slightly higher price point.

In terms of software, both Asustor and QNAP offer user-friendly interfaces with a range of apps and features to meet your needs. QNAP's QTS operating system is known for its ease of use and extensive app ecosystem, making it a solid choice for beginners and experienced users alike. Plus, features like remote access and security options should make it straightforward to set up your own iCloud alternative and ensure your data remains secure.

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